A Nun confesses her weekly activities to a Priest.

Hello Rick, it’s great to get to talk with you, how have you been keeping after everything that’s been happening?

I’m so grateful to be experiencing this level of success in The Lonely Wolf International Film Festival with Cult Cinema and the Emerging Filmmaker nominations!

Have you been able to remain positive and creative at least?

Yes, I think that is one of the most important parts of being a filmmaker, to remain positive and above all, believe in yourself, even when things don’t seem like they’re going your way; remember, “this too shall pass”.

The response to Combat Nuns All Or Nothing has been amazing, did you envision you would get this type of reaction collecting multiple awards and nominations?

Actually no I didn’t, but that made the surprise so much more rewarding!

Congratulations on your nomination in the Cult Cinema category at Lonely Wolf, what does it meant to you to be part of the festival with Combat Nuns All Or Nothing?

This is an amazing festival with the highest level of talent among the filmmakers. Adrian Perez the festival director is right; this would be a tough festival to nominate winners with the vast array of creativity and subject matter.

How important are festivals like Lonely Wolf in championing and supporting indie filmmakers?

They are our lifeline. When you finish your project you want to show it, to hear feedback, to have a response. If no one sees it, it’s like masterbating in the dark and who really cares about that?

Can you tell me how Combat Nuns All Or Nothing came about, what was the inspiration behind your screenplay?

Yes, there was a news paper story years ago about a group of tough Catholic women who broke into an abortion clinic and were subsequently arrested. I just took the idea and ran with it.

And I have to ask, why nuns?

Why not? I love nuns! I went to Catholic school for a few years when I was younger, and those nuns have stuck with me ever since! I have a deep appreciation for Women of the Cloth!

What was the message you wanted to convey with this project and do you think you have achieved this?

There is a power of good that is always fighting for you.

When working on something like Combat Nuns All Or Nothing how close do you like to keep to your screenplay once you start shooting, do you allow yourself and your cast much flexibility?

I keep the film’s intention on track, but I also want to allow the creative process to take place, so I follow Bruce Lee’s quote, “Be like water”.

What was the hardest and funniest scene for you to film?

The confessional fight. (PHOTO B) Being the stunt coordinator, safety was my biggest concern. But having Dot Marie Jones, a 15-time arm wrestling champion and Gary Kasper a former football player struggle in the small confines of a confessional was a challenge. You can see Dot trying to choke me out for fun…

Have you always had a passion for filmmaking?

Nope, that addiction came along later in life.

How much does your extensive background as an actor help you in your role as writer/director?

A whole lot, it’s easier to talk to cast and crew when you’re confident in what you want to achieve. I learned that by being definite in my choices as an actor.

Has your directing approach changed since your debut short film?

Yes, it’s seems to be evolving, I like to listen more, ideas come from everywhere. To quote Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Is there a reoccurring theme in your projects?

Yes, the theme that seems to reoccur in my writings is good vs evil.

Any advice you would offer young filmmakers?

Yes, don’t stop creating, write every day and surround yourself with positive, creative people.

And finally, what would you like audiences to take away from Combat Nuns All Or Nothing?

There is a power of good out there protecting you, and last but not least, film violence can be fun!