A Short Film

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Written and directed by Rick Williamson and produced by Black Triumph Productions.

A Short Film is the epitome of a short western film with short actors, short horses and long credits.

“A Short Film is one of the most efficiently hilarious shorts of all time.” — Lighthouse International Film Festival

“This writer’s film standouts include: A Short Film from Director Rick Williamson, which was certainly the funniest and shortest film I think I’ve ever seen. Suffice it to say that you’d better stay for the credits, or you’ll miss most of the film.” — Susan Davis, All Voices-Chicago Comedy Film Festival

A Short Film Screening Room
(The Screening Room is Password Protected – Contact us for more information.)


LA Comedy Shorts
Audience Award Winner

Friar’s Club Film Festival in NYC
Audience Award Winner

Melbourne Independent Film Festival
Best Comedy Short

3-Minute Film Festival
Best Comedy Short

Maverick Film Festival
Best Screenplay Nominee
Best Stunts Nominee

Lucerne International Film Festival
Award of Merit

Action on Film Festival
Best Short Short

Vegas Independent Film Festival

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